Comparative Analysis of Online Cancer information

Funded by the Cancer Council Australia, this project was in response to a need to consolidate the Cancer Council’s delivery of existing online cancer information in Australia this research examines the ways in which existing content can be best delivered to the target audience. Working from a human centred point of view, people’s the aim of this project was to identify the best way in which the content can be structured for a cohesive and empathetic user experience. It is based on comparative analysis of existing Cancer Council tumour information, to work out the preferred format of information delivery for people diagnosed with cancer. This was done through series of workshops using ethnographic methods, heuristic evaluation and user testing to better understand how people perceive the Cancer Council Australia, its subsidiaries, and the information they convey. The main output of this research was a report detailing a series of best practice recommendations that have been used to inform the direction of the Cancer Council’s Digital Strategy. The aim of this has been to improve the lives of those whose lives are affected by cancer.

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