Creating digital interactive 3D teaching aides for developing visual acumen and drawing skills

The concept of being able to develop content specific interactive 3D sculpts for teaching particular visual skills for seeing, interpretation and representation came as a recognised need to:

– access to high quality interactive reference outside of the class room

– develop an aide to describe not only form proportion and structure, but also perspective, foreshortening gesture and light source.

-Allow students to repeatedly access and practice over extend periods of time.

As technology drives visual language and dialogue, it is consequently a driving factor in pedagogy and offers alternative forms of teaching traditional skills and understanding. Whilst we must be careful not to abandon the role of real-world experience in real world context for visual communicators, finding an effective balance in an accelerated mode of learning has been essential on the basis of access and time restraints. We believe that a blended experience that is supported by high quality teaching aides developed by practitioner/ educator in context of curriculum and assessable outcomes answers this need.

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