Susan Kerrigan

Creative Screen Production Research

Creative Screen Production Research is investigating the making of short films as part of a larger project investigating the creative and collaborative practices of genre filmmakers. The filmmakers doing the research are academics or students from the university who are interested in researching the creative process of genre filmmaking also known as screen production research.

The types of genre films to be produced will include short fiction, documentary, corporate, music videos, stop-motion and/or advertising projects. The filmmakers will be investigating the specific aspects of genre filmmaking that will include a variety of filmmaking approaches being used to research creative practice. Aspects of particular interest are the processes of idea generation, selection of film form and genres, choice of production processes and use of distribution platforms.

The research will contribute to deeper understandings about the actions of an individual filmmaker and how they collaborate with other filmmakers and on-camera participants. Theories about creativity, cultural production and group creativity will be used to analysis the filmmaker’s interactions and collaborations with the film’s participants.
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