Koala Call is the gamified approach to a research conservation project, introduced and implemented to protect and preserve the depleting Australian Koala species.

Koala Call asks the question, “Can aerial drone technologies be used in conjunction with public social science contributions, to aid in data provisions for the detection of native animal species?”

By sending up a survey drone with a FLIR camera attached, we’re able to receive infrared footage from above the canopy of trees, this footage contains bright spots for all of the living creatures in the forest, but how do we determine which creature is which? That’s where we need the help of citizen scientists.

We have created a game called Koala Call @ here you can sign up and when we’re ready to launch the service, we’ll let you know via email or SMS. In the meantime you can have a play with test data that will not give us any research results yet, but it will let you get used to the game before the start date, if you’d like to help us out with our conservation work.

When we do launch the project and have all of your data, we can feed this into a deep learning computer to help it recognise Koalas.

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