Ralph Kenke & Elmar Trefz

Winners of Digital Portraiture Award with Selfie Factory

The ‘#selfiefactory’ is an participatory art installation creating a temporary visual experience of online behaviour. It aims to raise awareness of the contemporary phenomenon of the digital self-portrait (#selfie) in the context of its geographic, social and cultural position. The installation offers a tangible representation of the scale and quality of online data, using a real-time stream of Instagram selfies printed on receipt paper. This constitutes an investigation into the experienced divide of online spaces and physical places, and the duality of individual and collective experience inherent in our telematic world. The mixed media installation is an artefact to debate the current state of human identity. Its part of a ongoing research collaboration established by Kenke+Trefz,

The ‘#selfiefactory’ is an automated installation running for 24 hours, printing the accumulated selfies. The audience is invited to explore the images (#selfie) on the perpetual paper trail, as well as contributing their own digital self-portrait via Instagram using the hashtag #selfiefactory to become part of the installation.

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