Benjamin Mitchell | PhD | Ghost Beach

The Utilisation of the Comic Book's Properties as an Artefact and Format for Narrative Purpose

Through a practical based enquiry, Mitchell has developed a 100 page comic book project that experiments with book design techniques – printing, binding, serigraphy – to assess the way narrative can be delivered through the artefact itself. The study also explores the comic book format itself, experimenting the narrative and framing devices it offers – speech bubbles, panel frames – and using colour, layout and typography to develop and reinforce new narrative devices through introduction, contextualiation, repetition and subversion.
The comic book, Ghost Beach, was released in 2017 to international acclaim and is currently the highest selling comic book product on the Ownaindi database of Australian comics.
The project will be presented in Lodz, Poland for the International Festival Of Comics and Games in 2018
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