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ABSTRACT The Living Laneways project is funded by the NSW Government Streets as Shared Spaces grant. The laneway activations are powered by the University of Newcastle’s Future Art, Science and Technology Lab (FASTlab) in partnership with Art Thinking Australia and Ars Electronica. DETAILS

Designed to use public art as a means of community engagement, over the course of 2021, residents will be painting a new picture of Singleton, using the streets and laneways in the town centre as their canvas. From interactive displays with shadows and thought-boxes, to video projections, murals and sound devices, the Singleton Living Laneways project brings spaces to life through a suite of engaging, high-impact activations that celebrate creative life and identity.

The activations are:

Shadowgram Singleton

Burkes Arcade, Singleton, 15 March – 29 March 2021

Inspired by 19th century photogenic drawings, Shadowgram brings a unique image making process to the digital age. Audiences generate their own shadowgram portraits and display them with a connected statement. Shadowgram seeks for audiences to respond to a provocation through igniting ideas in text and image, discussion, and new enquiry.

Singleton community members will have the opportunity to join the social brainstorming. Using Shadowgram, they will be able to create a silhouette image of themselves and paste it on a landscape painting of Singleton, providing engaging insights into how they see the Singleton of tomorrow.

Vision Alley

Burns Lane, Singleton, 12 April – 2 July 2021

FASTlab researcher and German-born Media Artist, Ralph Kenke (DE/AU), is developing a new work specifically for Singleton that will be the highlight activation of Burns Lane. Ralph recently was awarded a national portraiture prize for his work Selfie Factory - a joint project with colleague, Elmar Trefz.

Vision Alley is a process-driven artistic research project that will be updated with further details shortly.


Evidence Lane, Singleton, 22 June 2021

In 2013, FASTlab researcher and industry partner, Kristefan Minski, developed the Bienenstock (Beehive) project for the Ars Electronica Festival. The original intention sought to create a unique, crowd-sourced video tool for capturing large events through the lens of the event community. Bienenstock has since had many other iterations, most prominently becoming a powerful and playful tool for citizen engagement in different cities. It was recently a feature activation for the EU culture capital of Mons and as part of the Maltese EU Presidency programs.

The Singleton Beehive is a process-driven artistic research project that will be updated with further details shortly.

Acoustic Alley

Tre Bella Laneway, 26 July – 18 August 2021

FASTlab researchers and audio ecology and experimental sound experts, Jon Drummond (AU) and Nicole Carroll (US), are developing a bespoke sonic feast for the residents of Singleton. Jon is a leading figure in the field of computational music spanning more than two decades and Nicole is an instrument inventor that has toured extensively across the US and Europe.

Acoustic Alley is a process driven artistic research project that will be updated with further details shortly.


Produced and presented by the University of Newcastle’s Future Art Science and Technology FASTLab in partnership with Singleton Council, Art Thinking Australia and Ars Electronica


  • FASTlab Chief Investigators: Professor Paul Egglestone, Professor Mario
  • Minichiello and Dr Kristefan Minski
  • FASTlab Project Manager: Zoe Carlton
  • FASTlab Media and PR: Christy Hay
  • FASTlab Technical Production Support: Luke O’Donnell, Danielo Pati & Neale Davy
  • FASTlab Special Thanks: Adrienne Lindsay


  • Producer: Dr Kristefan Minski
  • Wall Artwork: Dr Ari Chand
  • Singleton Shadowgram Chief Investigators (FASTlab): Dr Ari Chand and Dr Kristefan Minski


  • Shadowgram Original Idea and Concept:
  • Ars Electronica Futurelab / Roland Haring, Matthew Gardiner, Christopher Lindinger, Hide Ogawa
  • Shadowgram Original R&D Team:
  • Ars Electronica Futurelab / Roland Haring, Hideaki Ogawa, Christopher Lindinger, Emiko
  • Ogawa, Matthew Gardiner, David Stolarsky, Martina Mara
  • Shadowgram Australia Fabrication Design and Production: davisthomas
COLLABORATORS Ralph Kenke Mario Minichiello Ari Chand Kristefan Minski Paul Egglestone
GALLERY CATEGORY Culture and Community