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Projects We carry out research at the intersection of Art, Science and Technology. Innovation We offer organisations insights, analysis, and tools to help them tackle the evolving challenge of change. Collaboration We help foward-thinking organisations build a framework within their teams to support consistent creativity and innovation. Imagination We help organisation engrain brilliant thinking into their culture.
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FASTLab was created to explore the potential of human emotion, happiness and play, open doors for non-traditional collaborators, and commercialise lateral thinking. We have created multiple pathways for organisations, researchers and creatives to engage with us and each other.


We use creative methodologies to help organisations understand the true nature of the problems they face and how to solve them in the real world.


Rapid partners researchers and organisations to quickly develop radical solutions to real world problems.


Transmission embeds Higher Research Degree candidates in real world problems, giving them crucial experience in commercializing their creative thinking to drive businesses forward.


Accelerator was created to help SOCI graduates make money from their brilliance, launching their creative careers and businesses through mentorship and access to industry.

Studio ZED

Studio Zed is our Work Integrated Learning studio and gives current students the experience they need to reshape the way organisations use creativity to survive an increasingly erratic future.

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