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Accelerator is FASTLab’s gas-pedal for artists and entrepreneurs graduating from any School of Creative Industries program.

It enables emerging creative industry professionals to make money doing what they love, launching them to reach their full creative potential by providing access to:

  • Paid projects commissioned by major creative companies
  • Workshops covering, sales and marketing, brand strategy and digital media.
  • Coaching from creative sector experts in areas such as Animation, Design, Film and TV, Music etc.
  • Introductions to our industry networks and investment partners.
  • Great publicity and PR opportunities.
  • Opportunities to present at Festival X
  • Hot-desking space
  • Access to FASTLab tools and facilities

Creative small businesses founded by SOCI alumni will receive business mentoring, commercial training and advice, plus access to hot-desking facilities in University House and the Honeysuckle 1A.