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Rapid is a fast-moving initiative to encourage cross-disciplinary research, innovation and industry engagement

RAPID is series of research ‘sprints’ conducted over a 3-6 month period.

Each RAPID sprint is a research project carried out between FASTLab researchers and an external partner (a community, business or NGO). RAPID provides financial, human and technological resources to enable partners to work together on user-driven real-world problems.

High Tea with Mrs Woo is the creative collaboration of sisters, Rowena, Juliana and AngelaFoong. They design and manufacture clothing, with a flagship retail store in Newcastle thatwas established in 2004. They appreciate and practice the time-honoured qualities oftraditional tailoring methods and dressmaking skills, using these to develop unique andclever designs. High Tea with Mrs Woo approached the FASTLab research team to help reduce waste in their existing garment production process. Funded through FASTLab’s RAPIDscheme and working directly with High Tea with Mrs Woo the team quickly identified theproblem and created a solution that not only resolved the original challenge but also offerednew opportunities to allow for further digital customisation of the product without the fabricwaste generated by creating a full range of possibilities to choose from.