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Rewa Wright Lecturer
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Dr. Rewa Wright is an interaction designer and media artist with a specific interest in new technologies of computer vision, gestural interfaces, and embodiment. Her practice based research takes a playful, creatively oriented approach to emerging technologies, with a focus on exploration rather than adhering to previously established models. Her PhD dissertation blended augmented reality, haptic and gestural interfaces, new materialism, and agential realism to offer a new method and techniques for performance in mixed reality (MR). Rewa's work in MR has been highlighted in several key international forums, most recently the SIGGRAPH Asia Art Gallery 2019. She is a regular contributor to the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), and has published several book chapters on augmented reality with leading publishers Springer and Palgrave MacMillan. She comes to academia from an extensive 10 year background in media industries, having worked variously as a creative producer, AVID editor, and an on-air promotions director, creating programmes and other content for leading television networks in Aotearoa/New Zealand ( TVNZ, Maori Television, and TV3).