Zi Siang See _

Zi Siang See Interaction Design Researcher, Lecturer
Projects Visualising the Victoria The House we Build This Land Playable, Liveable Cities Contact zisiang.see@newcastle.edu.au https://www.newcastle.edu.au/profile/zisiang-see

Zi Siang See's focus has been both in academic research and industrial work. This allows him to disseminate knowledge and to make contributions in the field of creative industry. Zi has developed numerous creative operations which focused on corporate communications and interactive multimedia specialization. These include collaborations with multinational corporations such as McDonald’s, Lafarge Cement, Servier, Leo Burnett, DDB and Saatchi & Saatchi Arachnid. His research includes innovation management related to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). He specialized in conventional creative advertising and front-end interaction design. In fact, producing compelling user experience in creative technology is his main interest.

He has been part of various MOOC projects and been actively involved in scholarly research and international collaborations. Zi is near completion of his Ph.D. research (Design), his doctoral dissertation focuses on the contribution in human-computer interaction of virtual reality, and a method and apparatus solution for high fidelity VR360 has been developed.

On-going Research Projects and Collaborations:

AR VR Interactive Wall: Technical and UX Design

Sodeisha VR: Please Touch (in collaboration with Newcastle Art Gallery)

This Land AR: A Transmedia Multi Users Audible Experience

Inclusive Virtual Reality Museum Gallery (collaboration with the Center for Inclusive Design)

Smart Pole collaboration

Tomb of a Sultan: A VR Museum Experience

Park Bench Sojourn VR

Aerial VR360

Virtual Reality 360 Content Preservation for Disaster Relief

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI): AR VR

Medical learning AR VR: Visualization and Simulation