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Mario Minichiello Professor
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Research is critical in developing solving the world’s biggest problems—from helping us deliver better patient care, to informing new environmental and societal interventions.

But uncovering new research findings is just one step in a much larger process. Once we have the research, how can we communicate it to the community? How can we develop the human interface to be able to use the technologies? And how can we use the research to change people’s behaviour?

As co-leader of research at SOCI FASTLAB, Professor Mario Minichiello is working to ensure new research discoveries become part of peoples everyday lives, their personal stories, implemented creatively and have real impact within society.

Mario and his team use visual communication tools and processes such as visualisation, design, animation, film, VX, UI gamification to develop a range of interventions such as children’s books, animations, user interface designs apps and more—to gather research data and deliver evidence-based solutions in a way that helps people engage, understand and respond.

This might include using clever infographics to share notable research data with the community. Or creating short films to support teenagers’ positive mental health.

By thinking outside the box, Mario is helping new research drive real change.